Book Review: Confessions of a Wedding Planner by Michelle Jo Quinn

WeddingPlannerConfessions of a Wedding Planner
by Michelle Jo Quinn
(Bliss #1)
Publication date: July 26th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


He may be the best man, but he’s the worst man for her…

Wedding planner, Veronica Soto-Stewart believes everyone deserves a fairy tale–even her ex-boyfriend. Unable to refuse his request, and with the help of Bliss Events motley crew, she finds herself creating the most magical event for the perfect couple.

But nothing is ever perfect…

And not all happy ever afters can be planned…

Levi Laurent can’t believe his luck. Thanks to his best friend’s wedding, he finally has a shot at the woman he’s always wanted–Veronica. From San Francisco to Paris, and back, he pulls out all the stops, so she knows where she really belongs–with him. But Veronica wants nothing to do with the rich, sexy, irresistible playboy.

Can Levi convince Veronica that her perfect happily ever after is closer than she ever realized?


My review:

I CAN’T CONTAIN ALL THE FEELS I HAVE FOR THIS BOOK. I mean seriously guys, this book was incredible. I haven’t enjoyed a book like this is so long. I felt all the emotions and felt like I was inside the book. I laughed so hard a few times that I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m a nut. I went through a phase that I wanted to be a wedding/event planner and then I wanted to be a baker and make beautiful wedding cakes so it was like living that dream through this book.

Veronica is an event planner who wants her happily ever after but not just with anyone, she wants her ex. After 3 months she finally gets a call from Jake asking to meet. The last thing she expected was for him to ask her to be his wedding planner, with another woman. The entire thing because a nightmare. His future wife is insanely stunning and has a perfect french accent. Jake and Sandrine want Nica involved in everything to the point that they even want her in the wedding. Both Jake and Sandrine are surgeons so there are many times that they are not able to be there for meetings and instead send Levi, the best man and hot-headed sexy asshole. The last thing she expected was for Levi to constantly be in her personal bubble and making comments that make in blood boil in all the good ways.

Originally all I wanted was for Nica to get a backbone and completely ruin the wedding and steal the groom even though that’s a total a’hole move. Once Levi really got in the picture and starting making her do things she would never do and him showing this whole new side. I died. I mean I’ve had book boyfriends but Levi takes the gold. I wanted to jump in that book and snatch him up.

Like I said before, this book was so well written and just amazing. If you love a good romance and you want to laugh and fall in love; get this book!! It was seriously incredible and one of my favorites of 2016.

Michelle’s love for writing blossomed when her father gave her a diary, but instead of recounting her daily life, she wrote stories of fictional people. Like most of her characters, she believes in Happily Ever After. Naturally, she finds harmony in writing romance. She enjoys creating stories that make readers laugh, cry and fall in love.

An unabashed, self-proclaimed foodie, Michelle loves to try new food whenever she travels. She once had triple crème Brie and duck rillette for lunch on top of Grouse Mountain.

She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two kids and a pup named Scarlet.

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